Clear-cut & effective
remediation of hexavalent chromium

   Divalent Iron Reduction

DivIRed is a project realized by the consortium MAVA – EXOBOIS with the support of the VITO within its framework of demonstration & dissemination projects of “innovative soil remediation techniques”.

Pollution of soil and groundwater with the heavy metal chromium and more specific its hexavalent form (Cr(VI)), is one of the most frequent encountered soil problems in the industrialized world since chromium is used abundantly in the sector of wood conservation and metal plating. MAVA has developed a rather clear-cut and very effective technique to remediate hexavalent chromium called DivIRed (Divalent Iron Reduction). This technique aims to precipitate Cr(VI) into the less toxic and insoluble trivalent chromium (Cr(III)) form by the technique of In-Situ Metal Precipitation (ISMP) by In-Situ Redox Manipulation (ISRM).